Mathematisches KolloquiumA research project for Marguerite

  • Date in the past
  • Thursday, 7. December 2023, 17:15
  • Hörsaal Mathematikon (INF 205)
    • Prof. Ariane Mezard, Sorbonne Paris
  • Address

    Hörsaal Mathematikon (INF 205)

    Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
    69120 Heidelberg

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In 2017, Anna Novion, screenwriter and director contacted me about her film then in writing, "Marguerite's Theorem"*. She needed a PhD subject for her main character, Marguerite, a doctoral student in mathematics. It took me a little time to understand that my favorite subject, deformations of Galois representations, would not be suited to the role. I must admit that Goldbach's conjecture, the subject chosen by Anna, lent itself better to the game. In this colloquium, I will present to you the notion of cinematic mathematics and the main results which passed the casting of this film.

*will be released in Germany in 2024