Date: May 13, 2012.


 1.  Introduction
 2.  Requirements
 3.  Installation
 4.  The other applications in TEXHelpers
 5.  Download link
 6.  Links

1. Introduction

rsync uses the Unix shell script rsync for syncing either predefined source folders with corresponding destination folders or an ad hoc defined source folder with a corresponding destination folder.

The script (subroutine) responsible for syncing the predefined sources and destinations is located in


and is called „rsync“ . You have to define your own sources and destinations in that subroutine. Please, read the short instructions at the beginning of the subroutine.

Pressing the button „Define source and destination“ will bring up a standard „choose folder“ dialogue where you can define your source and destination folder.

When pressing the third button the actions of the previous script will be executed with administrator privileges which is sometimes necessary to modify the time-stamps of transferred or overwritten files which were not created by you.

Two scripts have siblings which use the option „-u“ (update), i.e., files in the destination folder with a newer modification date won’t be overwritten.

The subroutine „rsync“ currently uses the option „-u“ ; deleting „u“ , such that the options read „-av“ , will remove this option.

A log file, named rsynclog, containing a list of the transferred files will be saved in the destination folder(s).

2. Requirements

rsync is an Intel application that requires OS 10.5 or better.

3. Installation

Install the application „Flashmode“ that fits your machine in the Applications folder and start it once such that the symbolic link


will be created. Don’t delete the application Flashmode except by overwriting it by a new version.

4. The other applications in TEXHelpers

rsync will be part of the bundle TEXHelpers. The other applications as well as rsync offer detailed instructions in their Help menu.

5. Download link

Here is the download link TEXHelpers. The present version of rsync is 1.1  .

6. Links

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