1.  Introduction
 2.  Installation
 3.  Running MathFormulas
 4.  Changing the text editor
 5.  Requirements
 6.  Download link
 7.  Links

1. Introduction

MathFormulas provides a sample of formulas from Geometry and the theory of Curvature Flows the Latex codes of which can be pasted into the front document of any text editor, default is TeXShop. There are also a few symbols from PDE.

In addition there are some useful documents in the Geometry menu, aimed at people working in Geometric Analysis.

A relatively large screen is recommended.

MathFormulas is part of the bundle TexHelpers.

2. Installation

Place MathFormulas and Flashmode in the Applications folder. In case you are using the commercial version of Flashmode, you should instead copy the two Applescripts mathSymbols and mathEquations in


3. Running MathFormulas

If you have never used Flashmode 4.1 before, then you should first start Flashmode. After that MathFormulas is ready to run. It is advisable to set the scroll button of the mouse to open MathFormulas.

Notice that Enable access for assistive devices“ has to be
checked in th”e Universal Access pane of System Preferences.
Furthermore, some of the Latex code uses macros defined in
the package mathmacros.sty.

4. Changing the text editor

To use a text editor other than TeXShop, replace TeXShop’s name in the two Applescripts mentioned in Section 2. They are contained in


5. Requirements

MathFormulas runs on intelMacs or PowerPCs. There are versions for Tiger and Leopard.

6. Download link

Here is the download link for TexHelpers.

7. Links

Home page, TEXHelpers, TEX Switcher, pdfselect, TEX Scripts, Books, Preprints, Former Students, Veranstaltungen, Lecture Notes

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