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Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Mathematical Logic (DVMLG)

September 17 - 19, 2004

Heidelberg (Germany)


The Workshop Sites

The joint session with the DMV conference on Friday afternonn will be held in the Lecture Hall (Hörsaal) of the Historisches Seminar, Grabengasse 3-5 (in the historical center of Heidelberg).

Below you find a map of downtown Heidelberg with the location of the lecture hall and of Hotel Monpti.

The Saturday and Sunday sessions will be held in the Mathematisches Institut, Im Neuenheimer Feld 288, Lecture Hall 2 (in the Neuenheim campus of the university).

Below you find a map of the Neuenheim Campus (INF) with the location of the Mathematisches Institut.

Reaching the conference sites

Lecture Hall (Hörsaal) Historisches Seminar: From Hotel Monpti it is a 2 minute walk (see map above). From Heidelberg Main Station take bus 41 or 42 (direction Universitätsplatz) from Hauptbahnhof (main station) to Universitätsplatz.

Mathematisches Institut, INF 288: From Hotel Monpti take bus 12 from Peterskirche (direction Sportzentrum Nord) to Bunsen-Gymnasium, and walk west into the Neuenheim campus.
Alternatively, especially on Sunday morning, take bus 33 from Peterskirche (dir. Neuenheimer Feld) and get off at Botanischer Garten. From there walk north into the Neuenheim campus.
From Heidelberg Main Station take tram 1 (dir. Handschuhsheim OEG-Bf.) or 4 (dir. Handschuhsheim) to Bunsen-Gymnasium.

Bus and tram tickets

Within the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN), which includes Heidelberg and Mannheim area, there are uniform tickets for public transportation tickets that are valid in all buses, trams and slow trains (Note that genuine train tickets issued by the Bahn are not valid for buses or trams and that you must purchase VRN tickets before entering trains.)

A single ride within Heidelberg is 1.90 Euro if you buy the ticket at the driver and 1.60 if you buy 5 tickets in advance. There is a 24-hour ticket for 5 Euro that is valid 24 hours, and a more expensive one for 8 Euro that allows you to take up to four persons along. If you buy a 24-hour-ticket on Saturday, it is valid for the whole weekend. There is also a 3-day.ticket for 12 Euro. (There are more expensive versions of these tickets that allow you to go to other places within the VRN such as Mannheim or Schwetzingen.)

To reach the historical center of Heidelberg from Heidelber Main Station, you can use the City-Tarif Heidelberg, which costs 1 EUR. This ticket can not be used to commute between the historical center and the Neuenheim Campus.

The train ticket "Schönes Wochenende", which costs 28 Euro and is valid for up to 5 persons for one Saturday or Sunday in all regional trains, is also valid for buses and trams within the whole area of the VRN.


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