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Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Mathematical Logic (DVMLG)

September 17 - 19, 2004

Heidelberg (Germany)

The meeting takes place immediately after the Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mathematiker- Vereinigung (DMV) 2004 (Annual Conference of the German Mathematical Society) held from September 12 to September 17, 2004 at the University of Heidelberg. At the DMV conference there will be a section on mathematical logic organized by Uwe Schöning (Ulm) and Helmut Schwichtenberg (München). There will be a common session on Friday afternoon.

The annual general meeting of the DVMLG will be held in the evening of September 18, 2004, at the conference site.

News 16.9.04: Another minor change (concerning Saturday afternoon) in the program. An updated version of the program is available.

15.9.04: There have been some changes in the program. An updated version of the program is available.

Invited Speakers Albert Atserias (Barcelona)
S. Barry Cooper (Leeds)
Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt)
Javier Legris (Buenos Aires)
Janos A. Makowsky (Haifa)
Amador Martin-Pizarro (Berlin)
Ralf Schindler (Münster)
Andreas Weiermann (Utrecht)

Short Communications There will be sessions with short communications (25 minutes). Submissions (preferably in electronic form) with title and short abstract are invited to the address given below. Deadline for submissions is August 18, 2004.

PhD Colloquium The PhD Colloquium is part of the meeting. It gives young German PhD students and recent PhDs the opportunity to present their work to the German community of logicians.

Program The program is available online. Alternatively, you may download it as a PDF-file.

There is also page with abstracts, which is also available as a booklet in PDF.

Program Committee Klaus Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg)
Peter Koepke (Bonn)
Martin Otto (Darmstadt)
Volker Peckhaus (Paderborn)
Helmut Schwichtenberg (München)
Martin Ziegler (Freiburg)

Local Organisation Klaus Ambos-Spies, Edgar Busse, Klaus Gloede,
Felicitas Horlacher, Wolfgang Merkle, Nenad Mihailovic,
Paolo di Muccio, Jan Reimann

Registration Online registration is available. Alternatively, download the registration form and return it to the organizing committee via fax, electronic mail, or surface mail. (See below for the address.)


The registration fee is 20 Euro (Students 10 Euro). Please transfer the fee to the account

Wolfgang Merkle
Kto. 1000321822
Sparkasse Heidelberg, BLZ 672 500 20
Verwendungszweck: Colloquium Logicum 2004

If you live abroad, please pay the fee at the conference in cash.

Site The joint session with the DMV conference on Friday afternoon will be held at the old part of the university in the historical center of Heidelberg. (Building, rooms, etc. will be announced here soon.)

The Saturday and Sunday sessions will be held at the Mathematical Institute in the Neuenheimer Feld campus of the university (Mathematisches Institut, Im Neuenheimer Feld 288).

There is some information on finding your way in Heidelberg.
Here you find a timetable for train connections between Frankfurt Airport and Heidelberg.

Accommodation You can find a list of hotels and pensions on the web page of the Heidelberg Convention and Visitors Bureau.

There you can also book a room electronically. Rooms for the invited speakers and speakers in the PhD Colloquium will be booked by the local organizers.

Most invited speakers will stay at the Hotel Monpti in the Old Town of Heidelberg. To get there from Heidelberg Main Station, take busses 11 (direction Karlstor), 33 (dir. Ziegelhausen/Köpfel), 41 or 42 (dir. Universitätsplatz), and get off at Peterskirche. The hotel is in 50m distance from the bus stop. The bus ticket costs 1 EUR (City-Tarif Heidelberg).

Contact Colloquium Logicum 2004
Lehrstuhl für Mathematische Logik und Theoretische Informatik
Institut für Informatik
Im Neuenheimer Feld 294
D-69120 Heidelberg
PHONE: +49 6221 - 54 8204
FAX: +49 6221 - 54 4465
EMAIL: logic@math.uni-heidelberg.de


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