Computability in Europe 2009
Mathematical Theory and Computational Practice
Heidelberg, Germany, 19-24 July 2009
CiE   University of Heidelberg

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Conference Venue

The conference will be held on the campus of the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg in the north-west of Heidelberg. All street addresses on the campus are Im Neuenheimer Feld, INF for short, and usually building INF xyz has the number xyz written on it.

Registration, plenary talks, tutorials, some special session talks, and the conference bureau are located in the Physics Lecture Theatre INF 308, a not so high blue building adjacent to a small pond. Parallel sessions are in the Mathematical Institute INF 288 on the other side of the pond.
To reach the conference site by bus or tram, go to the stop Bunsengymnasium, which is highlighted on the map. Then walk perpendicular to the tram tracks and away from the gas station, passing parking lots first on both sides and then to the left only. About 200 meters away from the tram station, you reach the large central square of the campus with a pavement that shows the solar system as concentric circles. A few meters of the square to your right you see the Physics Lecture Theatre INF 308 and the Mathematical Institute INF 288.
How to reach the campus

The stop Bunsengymnasium can be reached by public transportation
  • from Heidelberg main station by Tram 21 or 24,
  • from Bismarckplatz by Bus 31 or Tram 21,
  • from University Square in Old Town by Bus 31.
Make sure to go in the right direction,
for Bus 31 go in direction "Neuenheim Chirurgische Klinik",
for Tram 21 go in direction "Handschuhsheim Bahnhof OEG",
for Tram 24 go in direction "Handschuhsheim Burgstrasse".
For information about public transportation in Heidelberg see VRN.

Note that due to construction work, there are currently several changes with respect to buses serving the campus and the youth hostel, however, this should not affect the connections described above.

How to reach Heidelberg

By train

Time tables and further information can be found on the web page of the German Rail. There are some direct connections to Heidelberg by fast trains, and a lot more via Mannheim. From Mannheim main station you reach Heidelberg main station in about 15 minutes with frequent connections.

By plane

Frankfurt airport (FRA) has a train station (Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbahnhof) with convenient frequent connections to Mannheim, the trip to Mannheim takes about 30 minutes and costs about 24 Euro, see  German Rail. Note that there is another train station in the airport for local trains, which includes long-distance connections via Frankfurt main station.

There is reliable and efficient shuttle service TLS  from Frankfurt airport to Heidelberg that we have used in the past. The drivers of TLS meet you at the airport and bring you to any point in Heidelberg, the price is 33 Euro for a shared minibus.