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Professor Rainer Dahlhaus

Seminar Sommersemester 2017:

Statistical Signal Processing with Application to the Restoration of Historical Music Recordings

The topic of the seminar are spectral based methods for audio signal processing. At the beginning the basic concepts of spectral analysis for time series shall be discussed from a more mathematical viewpoint. Afterwards different filters for audio processing, their design and their implementation shall be discussed. Another area of the seminar will be noise reduction techniques - in particular for the restoration of historical music recordings. Such methods are also based on spectral methods.

If possible the methods shall be demonstrated with Matlab programs.

Overall the content of the seminar will also depend on the number, the prerequesites and the programming skills of the participants.

The seminar will be held as a block seminar in June. A first informal meeting is on Thursday, 20. April 2017, 15.15 in Room 4.200.