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Siegel der Universität Heidelberg

Enno Mammen

Professor for Mathematical Statistics

Postal address

Heidelberg University
Institute for Applied Mathematics
Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 6221 54 14180 , Fax: +49 (0) 6221 54 14101
E-mail: mammen@math.uni-heidelberg.de

Publications and Preprints


  1. Operational time and in-sample density forecasting. Ann. Statist., 45, 1312 - 1341 (with Y. K. Lee, J. P. Nielsen and B. U. Park)
  2. Generalised partially linear regression with misclassified data and an application to labour market transitions. Forthcoming in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (with S. Dlugosz and R. A. Wilke)
  3. Structured Nonparametric Curve Estimation. To appear in "Modern problems of stochastic analysis and statistics", Festschrift in Honor of Valentin Konakov, edited by V. Panov, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
  4. Additivity Tests Based on Smooth Backfitting. Preprint (with S. Sperlich)
  5. Expansions for moments of regression quantiles with applications to nonparametric testing. Preprint (with I. Van Keilegom and K. Yu)
  6. Semi/Nonparametric Estimation in case of Endogenous Selection. Preprint (with C. Breunig and A. Simoni)
  7. A general semiparametric approach to inference with marker-dependent hazard rate models. Preprint (with G. J. van den Berg, L. Janys and J. P. Nielsen)
  8. Nonparametric instrumental variable methods for dynamic treatment evaluation. Preprint (with G. J. van den Berg and P. Bonev)
  9. Optimal estimation of sparse high-dimensional additive models. Preprint (with K. Gregory, M. Wahl)
  10. Nonparametric inference for continuous-time event counting and link-based dynamic network models preprint (with A. Kreiß and W. Polonik)
  11. Smooth backfitting of proportional hazards - A new approach projecting survival data. Preprint (with M. Hiabu, M. D. Martínez Miranda, and J. P. Nielsen)
  12. 2016

  13. Sparse High Dimensional Varying Coefficient Models. Elect. J. Statistics, 10, 855-894 (with E. R. Lee)
  14. Semiparametric Estimation with Generated Covariates. Econometric Theory, 32, 1140-1177 (with C. Rothe and M. Schienle)
  15. Nonparametric Regression on Latent Covariates with an Application to Semiparametric GARCH-in-Mean Models. J. of Econometrics, 194, 319-329 (with C. Conrad)
  16. Double one-sided cross-validation of local linear hazards. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B, 78, 755-779 (with M. L. Gámiz Pérez, M. D. Martínez Miranda, and J. P. Nielsen)
  17. In sample forecasting with local linear survival densities. Biometrika, 103, 843-859 (with M. Hiabu, M. D. Martínez Miranda, and J. P. Nielsen)
  18. 2015

  19. Varying Coefficient Regression Models: A Review and New Developments. International Statistical Review 83, 1, 36-64 (with B. U. Park, Y. K. Lee and E. R. Lee)
  20. Specification and structural break tests for additive models with applications to realized variance data. Journal of Econometrics 188, 196 - 218 (with M.R. Fengler and M.Vogt).
  21. In-Sample Forecasting Applied to Reserving and Mesothelioma Mortality. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 61, 76–86 (with M. D. Martínez Miranda, and J. P. Nielsen)
  22. Asymptotics for In-Sample Density Forecasting. Ann. Statist., 43 620-651 (with Y. K. Lee, J. P. Nielsen and B. U. Park)
  23. 2014

  24. Additive Models: Extensions and Related Models. In: Handbook of Applied Nonparametric and Semiparametric Econometrics and Statistics (editors Racine, Ullah), 176–214 (joint with B. U. Park and M. Schienle)
  25. Backfitting and smooth backfitting in varying coefficient quantile regression. Econometrics J. 17, Issue 2, S20S38, (with Y. K. Lee and B. U. Park)
  26. Statistical convergence of Markov experiments to diffusion limits. Bernoulli 20, 623-644 (with V. Konakov and J. Woerner)
  27. Iterative Estimation of Solutions to Noisy Nonlinear Operator Equations in Nonparametric Instrumental Regression. J. of Econometrics 178, 444 - 455 (with V. Dunker, J.-P. Florens, T. Hohage and J. Johannes)
  28. Further theoretical and practical insight to the do-validated bandwidth selector. J. Korean Statistical Society 43, 355-365 (with M. D. Martínez Miranda, J. P. Nielsen and S. Sperlich)
  29. 2013

  30. Generated Covariates in Nonparametric Estimation: A Short Review. In: Recent Developments in Modeling and Applications in Statistics. (P.E. Oliveira, M. da Graça Temido, C. Henriques and M. Vichi, edit.). Springer Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 97 - 105 (with C. Rothe and M. Schienle)
  31. Additive Models: Extensions and Related Models. Forthcoming in: Handbook of Applied Nonparametric and Semiparametric Econometrics and Statistics (editors Racine, Ullah). (joint with B. U. Park and M. Schienle)
  32. Confidence Regions for Level Sets. J. of Multivariate Analysis 122, 202-214 (with W. Polonik)
  33. 2012

  34. Projection-Type Estimation for Varying Coefficient Regression Models, Bernoulli 18, 177-205. (with Y. K. Lee and B. U. Park)
  35. Flexible Generalized Varying Coefficient Regression Models. Ann. Statist. 40, 1906-1933 (with Y. K. Lee and B. U. Park)
  36. Nonparametric Regression with Nonparametrically Generated Covariates. Ann. Statist. 40, 1132-1170 (with C. Rothe and M. Schienle)
  37. 2011

  38. Semiparametric Regression: Efficiency Gains From Modeling the Nonparametric Part. Bernoulli 17, 736-748 (with K. Yu and B. U. Park)
  39. Nonparametric Regression with Filtered Data. Bernoulli 17, 60-87 (with O. Linton, J. P. Nielsen and I. van Keilegom)
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  42. Oracle-efficient estimation of an additive model with an unknown link function. Econometric Theory 27, 582 608. (with J. Horowitz)
  43. Nonparametric Models in Binary Choice Fixed Effects Panel Data Econometrics Journal 14, 351-367 (with S. Hoderlein and K. Yu)
  44. 2010

  45. Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Regression With Correlated Errors. Statistics 44, 327 - 340 (with Y. K. Lee and B. Park)
  46. Empirical risk minimization in inverse problems. Ann. Statist. 38, 482-511 (with J. Klemelä)
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  48. Backfitting and smooth backfitting for additive quantile models. Ann. Statist., 38, 2857-2883; Correction: 2012, 40, 2356-2357 (with Y. K. Lee and B. U. Park)
  49. 2009

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  60. 2008

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  65. 2007

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  70. A general approach to the predictability issue in survival analysis with applications. Biometrika 94, 873-892 (with J. P. Nielsen)
  71. 2006

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  74. 2005

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  160. 1980

  161. Approximation von Binomialexperimenten durch Gaußexperimente. Diplomarbeit, University of Heidelberg.

Discussion of Papers

  • Discussion of "Hall, P. and I. M. Johnstone (1992). Empirical functionals and efficient smoothing parameter selection." J. Roy. Statist. Soc. B 54 475 - 530 (with J. S. Marron).
  • Discussion of "Donoho, D.L., I. M. Johnstone, G. Kerkyacharian and D. Picard (1994). Wavelet Shrinkage. Asymptopia?" Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B 57 301 - 369 (with V. Spokoiny).
  • Discussion of "L. Devroye (1997). Universal smoothing factor selection in density estimation: theory and practice." Test 6 p. 223 - 282.
  • Discussion of "G. Kerkyacharian and D. Picard (2000). Thresholding algorithms, maxisets and well concentrated bases." Test 9 .
  • Discussion of "Davies, P. L. and A. Kovac (2001). Local extremes, runs, strings and multiresolution." Annals of Statistics 29.
  • Discussion of "J. Fan and J. Jiang (2007). Nonparametric inference with generalized likelihood ratio tests." Test 16, 409 - 478.
  • Discussion on the paper "Bootstrap for dependent data: a review, by Jens-Peter Kreiss and Efs- tathios Paparoditis (2011)." J. Korean Statist. Soc., 40, 391 - 392 (with C. Jentsch).
  • Discussion of the paper "Nonparametric (Smoothed) Likelihood and Integral Equations, by P. Groeneboom". J. Stat. Plan. Inf. (2012).
  • Comment on "Generalized Jackknife Estimators of Weighted Average Derivatives by M.D. Cattaneo, R.K. Crump and M. Jansson". J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 108, 1260 - 1262 (2013).

Book Reviews

  • Review of "Härdle, W. (1990). Applied Nonparametric Regression, Cambridge University Press" in Metrika, 1992
  • Review of "Hall, P. (1992). The Booststrap and Edgeworth Expansion. Springer, New York." in Metrika, 1997
  • Review of "Hart, J. D. (1997). Nonparametric Smoothing and Lack-of-Fit Tests, Springer, New York" in DMV Jahresbericht, 103/1 2001, 21-22.
  • Review of "Politis, D. N., Romano, J. P. and Wolf, M. (1999). Subsampling, Springer, New York" in Metrika, 53, 2001, 95 - 96
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